All the tips for regular passport processing
also apply when expediting your passport but there are three more that
are specifically relevant to acquiring your passport quickly.

Get your new passport application adjudicated.

Some people mail their application for a new passport directly
to the passport expeditor thinking that the latter can present it to the
passport acceptance agent. They can’t. The person applying for a new
passport must personally appear before the acceptance agent.

Send an Authorization Form

No passport expediting company can present your passport
application to the State Department without your written authorization.
You can get this form from the passport expeditor you choose to
contract. Print the authorization form, fill it out and sign it.
If you are applying for a new passport, make sure that the
acceptance agent does not seal it in the envelope that the courier
service will carry to the State Department. If this happens, the
expediting service will not be able to open the envelope to get it out.
Therefore, they will not be able to present your passport application
for processing.

Send your itinerary.

If you purchased your ticket online (e-ticket), you can print
either the confirmation message in your browser screen or the email
confirmation and send that. If you go through a travel agency, ask your
travel agent to print out a copy for you. If no printed itinerary is
available, you can personally type one and print it out.

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