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January 20, 2021

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Enjoy complete digital protection with Acronis True Image for Mac

Data loss is a threat that every organization and individual faces. It can strike at any time and often without warning, and there are countless ways in which it can happen. For example, physical damage or hardware failures can render  →
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Keep your files safe with a comprehensive backup solution

Data loss is something that almost every computer user has experienced. To make matters worse, many of these incidents are completely beyond the end user’s control, especially in the case of cyberattacks. That is why backup and information security should  →
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Back Up Your Mac with Acronis True Image 2021

There is no more effective way to back up all of your data than by creating a byte-by-byte system image that includes absolutely everything. This way, there’s no chance of forgetting to back up something important before it’s too late.  →
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Reliable Protection Of Your Digital Life With Acronis True Image 2021

Keeping digital data secure and safely backed up has become a major concern in modern times, but losing important data remains one of the most common concerns among computer users everywhere. Whether in the home or the workplace, keeping your  →
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Backup Your Mac and Get the 3-2-1 Data Protection Punch

Most Mac users rely on Apple’s backup solution, Time Machine. As useful and generally reliable as it is, Time Machine doesn’t support the essential “3-2-1” backup rule: to have three copies of your data – one in production and two  →
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Disk Imaging Software – Why Full-Image Backup Matters

Not all disk imaging solutions are created equal. Some programs only back up user files but do not back up boot information and files locked by the operating system. Some don’t reproduce security attributes and still others fail due to  →
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