Getting a US passport abroad is quite similar to obtaining a passport
in the United States. You must meet the same requirements. In most
cases, applications are submitted through the U.S. Citizen Services
department at the nearest United States embassy or consulate general in
the case of a new passport. Renewal applications can usually be mailed.

List of US Passport Abroad FAQ

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Will I need a new Japan student visa in my new passport? 
Question: I lost my passport while living in Japan under a college
student visa. I have another passport that my mother is sending me. I
am planning …
Renewing US passport while in the UK 
Question: I am US citizen living in the UK. I need to renew my US
passport, but have mobility problems so cannot get to the US embassy in
London to do in …
How can a U.S.-born native American with dual citizenship get a United States passport while living in Canada? 
Question: I live in Canada but I was born in the U.S. I am also a
native American with dual citizenship under the Jay Treaty. I am
wondering what steps …
How can I renew my passport from South Korea? 
Question: I am currently living in South Korea and working as an
English teacher. My passport expires in March 2011, but I will be back
in the U.S. for …
Reside in Paris, France but mailed my application for U.S. passport to Philadelphia. 
Question: On April 4, 2010 I sent my expired U.S. Passport with the
correct forms and a Credit card consent to the National Passport
Processing Center …
As an American living abroad, can I renew the passport of my 11-year-old daughter in a city where we’re not residents? 
Question: I’m an American citizen living with my family in
Guadeloupe-the French West Indies. My 11-year-old daughter’s passport
(issued in Paris, France)…
How do I get a US passport for my daughter who is in India with her grandparents? 
Question: How do I renew the passport of my US citizen
daughter who is in India now with her grandparents and her parents are
in the USA?

My US …

How to renew offical passport while deployed in Iraq 
Question: I have an official passport (red) that will expire in Aug
2010. I am currently deployed in Iraq with the US Army. What form do I
have to fill …
How long can I stay in each country abroad if I plan to visit multiple locations with my US Passport ? 

Question: I would like to travel for a year over seas but want to know how long I can stay legally in each country.

Answer: Requirements vary for …

How to get passports for 14 & 16 year old American citizens taken to Mexico as children without passports? 
Question: I am living in the United States but took my sons to Mexico
when they were 3 and 5 years old. We registered them in Mexico as dual
citizens …
Expedited Passport Information for Unborn Baby in Australia 
Question: My son (American citizen) and his wife (British citizen) live
on assignment in Sydney, Australia. Their first daughter has a US
passport, however …

Expedited Passport Renewal in a Foreign Country 
10-YEAR …
Who do I meet with in Vancouver to get passports for my two infants? 

Question: To whom it may concern,

I am in Vancouver with my husband doing a study abroad. We will be here for four weeks. We bought flights up here …

Can my daughter still enter the US before her passport expires? 
Question: We are residing in Hong Kong. My daughter is ten years old.
We plan to spend our two-month summer vacation back in the US. Her
passport is going …
How can my son get a passport in Mexico if the father is not on the birth certificate? 
Question: I need help getting my son back to Texas from Mexico. He went
to live in Mexico with his father in 2000. The problem that I have is
that his …
How do I get my baby’s American passport renewed from Albania? 
Question: My baby is an American citizen. For the moment, he is living
in Albania. His passport expires in October 2011. Since we have to go
back to …
do I replace an expired child’s passport in Okinawa, Japan? My nephew
is a US national living in Japan with an expired passport.

Question: How do I replace an expired child’s passport in Okinawa,
Japan? My nephew is a US national living in Japan with an expired


Passport Name Change While Abroad? 
Question: I currently have a passport that does not expire until 2013.
My fiance and I are getting married this June. He is in the US Military
and is …
How can a 16-year-old renew a passport while in the UK? 
Question: My daughter has a American Passport and now she is visiting
the UK. But her passport is expiring soon, can she renew her passport
while she is …
Renewing Expired Passport While Abroad 
Question: If I have plans to travel abroad but my passport will expire
before I get back to the US, how should I handle the situation? If I
submit before …
How do I renew a passport that will expire while I am away? 
Question: I plan on being abroad when my passport is set to expire. How
far in advance can I renew my passport? Or do I have to fly back to the
US …
What does my sister need to obtain a passport for my son in Guam? 
Question: My son will turn 15 yrs. old on Feb. 10, 2011 and lives in
Guam, what does he need to obtain a passport so he can come and live
with me? His …
How do I get a US passport for my baby born in India to a Tibetan mother? 

Question: I was visiting India and met a Tibetan woman, we spent much time together and we now have a new baby.

I came back to the US for 3 months and …

How do I renew my passport while working in Iraq? 
Question: I am currently working in Iraq and it is possible that I will
still be here through Feb. 2012 when my passport will expire. Since I
will …
Obtaining American passports for my children who were born overseas to American parent 
Question: I am an American living in Ireland. My 2 babies were born
here in Ireland but I would like to obtain American passports for them.
I can do …
How do I renew my American passport in Russia? 
Question: I live in Russia with my wife and daughter. My wife and
daughter are naturally Russian citizens. I am waiting on my residence
permit, but my …
Do I need 2 appointments if want to extend the passports for my 2 children? 
Question: We have two children under 16 years old who were born in the
US and have an American passport but which are now living with us
in Germany….
Can I re-enter the USA on my expired passport? 
Question: I am residing temporarily out of the country and need to
return for medical reasons next week. My US passport is expired. Can I
come back …
Can I renew my passport from the Bahamas?  
Question: I am visiting the Bahamas and plan to return in June, My
passport expires in May. Can I renew my passport from the Bahamas? I
could have it …
Can my 5-year-old child travel back to the US with an expired passport? 
Question: I am in Saudi Arabia with my 5-year-old son whose passport
expired on 10/31/2010. I want to travel on December 10, 2010 back to
the States with …
How to travel to UAE from Spain with 5 months left on passport? 
Question: My daughter will be studying in Spain 01/2011- 04/2011. Her
passport expires 09/2011 and has already been submitted to obtain her
student …
Does my son have to apply for a new passport instead of a renewal if he got it at 16? 
Question: My son’s passport was issued at sixteen, now expired at 21,
does he have to apply for a new one instead of renewing? If he has to
apply in …
Can I renew my passport from abroad and will my residence permit carry over? 
Question: I live and work in London, England. My US Passport expires in
December 2010 and I need to start the renewal process. The problem is
that I …
How can grandparents get a passport for my 8-year-old stepson? 
Question: My stepson is in Mexico and wants to visit for summer break.
What do his grandparents need to get a passport for him?

Answer: The grandparents …

How do I renew my passport in China? 
Question: I am living and working in China as an English teacher. My
passport expires in 2011. I am planning on staying on here as a
teacher, but I need …
Can I renew the passport if I cannot find the father? 
Question: We came to Egypt when my ex-husband asked me and after I came
he disappeared. Now, I want to renew my son’s passport but I do not
know where …
How do I renew my passport while living in Turkey and still keep my Turkey visa? 
Question: I live in Turkey and my passport will soon expire. I need to
know if I can apply for a new passport in person at the US Consulate in

Can I renew my US Passport in Viet nam? 

Question: Hi! Sir / Madam
name The Nguyen, 80 years old. I retired and had been living in Vietnam
for about 3 years. My curent US Passport will expire …
How does one renew a US passport when living in Germany? 
Question: I live in Germany. What’s the process for renewing my
passport? Also, do I need to send my passport away, or do I simply
apply for it and keep …
How do I get a passport if I am deployed in Afghanistan? 
Question: I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan, my passport expired in
2003 which was issued when I was a minor. How can I apply for a new
passport …
What must I do to obtain a replacement if my passport is lost or stolen while I am in Argentina? 

Question: Where do I go in Argentina if my passport is lost or stolen while I am there next week?

Answer: Besides the documents listed below for …

What form is required in a situation when the child and mother are not present but the father is? 
Question: The child needing a new passport is an American citizen (born
in CA to Egyptian parents). The child is now 7 years old, living in
Egypt. The …
How do I renew my child’s passport in the UK? 
Question: I would like to renew my daughter’s passport. We live in the
UK. Is it necessary to come to the embassy or can it be done through
the mail?…
Can a U.S. citizen apply for passport renewal by mail from Canada? 
Question: I’m an American citizen living in Canada. My U.S. passport
expires this year. My question is can I still apply for renewal through
mail without …
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