U.S. citizens without dual U.S./Colombian nationality must have a valid
U.S. passport to enter and exit Colombia. Dual citizens must have
passports for both nationalities: a Colombian passport to enter and
depart Colombia, and a U.S. passport to return to the United States.
Persons born in Colombia or of Colombian parentage may automatically be
considered Colombian citizens and must have two passports. Colombians
who acquired their U.S. citizenship before 1990 are not considered
nationals and are therefore not subject to the same rule. They may use
only a valid U.S. passport to enter and exit Colombia but they may be
asked to provide proof of their naturalization date.
U.S. tourists may remain in Colombia for up
to 90 days without a visa
Proof of onward travel is sometimes required. Visitors arriving
overland independently or by bus must cross at official border
crossings or risk fines or incarceration. A Colombian immigration
officer will determine each visitor’s permitted length of stay, and
fines are common for visitors who remain longer. Visitors are not
permitted to leave Colombia until all fines have been paid. Visitors
with visas for more than three months must register at a DAS
immigration office within 15 days of their arrival.
Travelers departing Colombia by airplane must pay a departure
tax in cash, unless their airline included the departure tax in the
fare. Exemption from this tax may be granted to visitors who take their
documents to the Aeronautica Civil desk in the El Dorado international
terminal immediately upon arrival and request for an exemption.
For more current information on entry/exit and visa requirements, you
may visit the Colombian Embassy website
or at 2118 Leroy Place NW, Washington, DC 20008. Colombian consular
offices are located in in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los
Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Tampa, and San
Juan, Washington, D.C., and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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IMPORTANT: The foreign entry requirements listed here were
obtained from foreign embassies or consulates. This information is
subject to change. Verify the data with the consular officials of the
countries you plan to visit well in advance. For further information,
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