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November 27, 2020

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Improve Your Workflow with Digital Asset Management

Are you looking for a truly universal photo software where you can use one application for all your creative needs? ACD Systems presents ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021 – a powerful photo editing and digital asset management software for both  →
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Create and Present Your Collection with a Photo Organizer

There are undoubtedly plenty of tools for image organization to choose from. However, when it comes to finding something truly universal, matters get a lot more complicated. For example, photo management software usually has only basic editing features, while you  →
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Supercharge Your Photography Career with RAW Photo Editing

Whether you’re looking to create and share business or personal media content, the outstanding flexibility offered by ACDSee Photo Studio Professional is sure not to disappoint. As a layered image editing solution, you can create and edit images without destroying  →
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Securely delete sensitive data on an industrial scale

Every organization holds sensitive data, some of which may be subject to strict regulatory compliance. As such, every company needs a secure data disposal strategy. This ensures that any data that is no longer needed is deleted securely so that  →
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Automate your FTP workflow to overcome the challenges of scale

Today’s businesses face constant pressure to innovate in the face of ongoing change in the world of technology. Rarely is it easy to keep pace with the constant change and meet the challenges of scale when you are relying on  →
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Recover lost or damaged partitions with this freeware toolkit

Data loss is something that almost every computer user is familiar with or has experienced firsthand. Yet in spite of the rise of better backup and disaster recovery solutions, it still happens, either by accident or due to hardware or  →
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Securely erase up to 15 drives in parallel

[email protected] KillDisk Desktop is an industrial-grade, hardware-based system for securely erasing up to 15 drives at the same time. Designed for enterprises and data centers, the solution is highly customizable and scalable. Entry-level options start with five drive slots for  →
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Microsoft SharePoint Data and Server Backup

It is no surprise that SharePoint brings more than US$2 billion to Microsoft annually from tens of thousands of businesses and tens of millions of users. According to a Radicati Group study, Microsoft SharePoint continues to see strong market adoption  →
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Backup Your Mac and Get the 3-2-1 Data Protection Punch

Most Mac users rely on Apple’s backup solution, Time Machine. As useful and generally reliable as it is, Time Machine doesn’t support the essential “3-2-1” backup rule: to have three copies of your data – one in production and two  →
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Disk Imaging Software – Why Full-Image Backup Matters

Not all disk imaging solutions are created equal. Some programs only back up user files but do not back up boot information and files locked by the operating system. Some don’t reproduce security attributes and still others fail due to  →
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