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April 8, 2021

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Our Windows App Got Better with New App-Based Troubleshooting Features

As we evolve the PureVPN brand, we also take heed to the user experience, seeking ways to improve your interactive experience within our applications even if you’re not looking for ways that the app needs to be improved. At PureVPN,  →
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Photo Tagging Tips and Metadata Management

Whether you’re new to Tag That Photo or a longtime subscriber, here are a few face and keyword tagging tips to make organizing your photos easy and enjoyable. Further below, we share how Tag That Photo’s non-proprietary metadata format ensures  →
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TTS Group solves Mac connectivity challenge with Acronis Files Connect

Business Background TTS group limited is one of the uk’s leading suppliers of high quality educational resources for schools and parents. Its award-winning products are extensively researched and commonly sourced from advisors, teachers, practitioners, and many others, whose number one  →
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How to Install Acronis Backup 12.5 on a Linux VM

Assuming that you already created a Linux VM, now is the time to log in. You’ll need your VM’s IP, user name and password. Open your favorite SSH client (e.g., Terminal on a Mac or Putty on Windows), type the  →
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New System Mechanic┬« 21 – Redesigned, Reinforced and Reimagined for YOU

Are your streaming and gaming speeds as fast as they truly could be? New System Mechanic 21 expertly hunts down and neutralizes sources of unnecessary PC slowdown. Devices possibly using your bandwidth? Nonessential processes draining the life out of your  →
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Repurposing Content from Your Radio Station

Benefits of Repurposing Content Further Expand Your Reach – Repurposing your content can help you expand your reach. Listening trends have changed, with radio audiences listening on different devices at various times. Repurposing your content enables you to share your  →
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Everything you need to backup, recover, and securely delete data

[email protected] Data Studio is a comprehensive set of disk utilities that allows you to backup and restore data, securely erase storage devices, and repair your computer when it cannot start normally. It works in its own operating environment, based on  →
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